Tapping into the huge German automotive sector

With a turnover approaching £400 billion, the automotive sector in Germany is huge and wide reaching. One in every five cars sold across the world carries a German brand.

Cars in line

Germany’s commercial vehicle manufacturers for van, truck, trailer, body and bus are among Europe’s market leaders.The headquarters of many international automotive sector companies are based in Germany. Any business in the automotive component or parts supply business needs to seriously consider how to connect to Germany effectively.


Germany Trade & Invest reports: “Germany’s high concentration of auto-related R&D, design, supply, manufacturing and assembly facilities makes it possible for companies to successfully partner across the whole value chain. It also explains why recent studies see the German automotive industry outperforming other countries when it comes to innovative power, product quality and productivity.”

Germany really is different

The vast majority of businesses in Germany in the automotive sector are privately owned SMEs. These companies often provide world class quality and service within a niche market worldwide. They can - and do - take a long term view.

Vehicle lights at night

Vivien Hacker, Eureko MD, says: “Germany does things differently. The market structure in the automotive sector is very different to the UK and the people you want to do business with have got forensic knowledge of their own markets, competitors and suppliers.” New and stronger links with German companies in the automotive sector can provide the opportunity to reach seamlessly into the German market – and also into markets across Europe.

What can Eureko offer you?

Eureko has worked extensively developing export links from the UK into the automotive sector in Germany. The team knows how the industry works and it has built up a wide range of contacts in this sector in Germany. One example of this know-how is the globally successful brand Checkpoint®.  To find out more our work with this innovative company: see this overview 

With our in-depth experience of the German automotive sector we can work with you to identify the right opportunities for you. Our bilingual international trade specialists can provide the research, negotiation, sales and marketing skills that your business needs to succeed.

For hands-on help with exporting to the automotive sector contact Eureko

Posted: 20th November 2017