Bilingual Communications

At Eureko, we work bilingually. Whether we are researching, or communicating with different clients and distributors, we use German and English, giving us and yourselves the best of both worlds. And because we have word perfect knowledge of the German language, we can ensure that communications between your company and German partners and clients do not break down.

Whether your business needs German language marketing material or a German speaking representative to ensure the right deals are won, we can help.

Here are examples of some of our language services:

Professional Website Translations

We can:

  • translate your website into perfect German
  • create new domain names for .de site and test these with our German based associates
  • advise on keyword lists and strategies for Search Engine Optimisation
  • do voiceovers for spoken texts

German Proof-Reading Services

Our editorial and publishing experience enables us to prepare manuscripts and texts in German intended for publication. Whatever form it takes, you can rest assured that your marketing materials and information leaflets are in perfect German.

Longer Term Communications

Having got to know your business well enough to help you get a footing in the German market place, we can continue to be your German-speaking representatives so that communications run smoothly. We can set up an easy-to-operate and practical communication system between your company and ours to deal with all incoming enquiries and orders, be it by phone, website enquiry form or email.