Market Research

Loaded container ship

In order to successfully launch on the German market, it is crucial to know your market segment there inside out. Whatever information your business needs, Eureko can research it for you, saving you time and stress. And because we work bilingually, we can give you detailed information that you would otherwise not have access to.

Eureko has also established relations with private and governmental sources in Germany to obtain key information needed for your export business strategy.


We help businesses to research - and connect with - the best route for them to their German market. To find out more see our case study: Hands-On Help with Exporting Checkpoint® to Germany

Depending on your requirements, we can find information on the following:

  • market opportunities in German speaking countries
  • competitors
  • clients
  • distributors
  • agencies
  • opportunities for expansion into other parts of Europe

We can liaise closely with you and agree on the research you want us to carry out for you to maximise your opportunities.

We can also accompany you to a German trade fair, or go on your behalf, to seek key contacts and information first hand.

Our research will give you a platform from which a more objective analysis can be undertaken. Then, if you decide you are ready to expand your business to Germany, we can continue to support your business with the various bilingual and marketing expertise your business venture needs.