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    Eureko Associates Limited provide hands-on help for exporting and support for small to medium sized companies doing business in Germany.
  • About
    Eureko’s team of international trade specialists provides export services tailored to your needs.
  • Services
    Eureko have vast experience dealing with any aspect of the German market and provide a range of services to help you get established in the German market place.
    • Market Research
      The key to success in the German market is perfect knowledge of the language. Eureko researches, plans and carries out the marketing and sales strategy for you.
    • Marketing
      We know the German business mentality and adapt the marketing of your product or service to the German way of doing business.
    • Bilingual Communications
      All your communication needs are handled bilingually by our experts, including business negotiations, translations, slogans, emails and phone calls.
    • Linking Trade Partners
      Liaison between firms in the North of England and Germany is our forte, and we help you to benefit from Germany’s great trade fairs.
  • Blog
    We like to regularly share our knowledge of the German speaking markets to support and stimulate your own exporting enterprises.
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    Please contact us for further information and to discuss any specific requirement in relation to exporting your product or service successfully.